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Download and combine payment logos for your webshop for free

Show your accepted card logos to your customers. Displaying payment logos can increase your conversion rate and you ensure that your customers can see what they can pay with before they have to pay.

Showing accepted card logos can both signal credibility and security. Do it today with us!


Logos for payment, shipping, acquirer & much more

Whether you want to display payment logos, PSP logos or shipping logos, we have it all. In addition to these logos, we have also designed alot of icons and badgets for various services such as. Viabill, Trustpilot and more.

Do you need to get a logo added to Card-logo.com, then do not hesitate to contact us!

Download and combine logos and payment cards that your webshop accepts - for free.

With informative card logos, you tell your customers which cards you receive, and typically there are many webshops that take more cards than they write.

Showing your card logos and payment cards can both signal credibility, but is also important if you have international customers. It may well be that we in Denmark only use Dankort, Visa and Mastercard, but if you have Nordic or customers worldwide it is not everyone who uses Visa or Mastercard. If you look at it statistically, the most used cards (on a global level) Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard. However, it is not just the card logos that are important to show on your webshop. It is equally important to show if you are the e-mark or if your website is CO2 neutral. Therefore, at kortlogo.dk you can find all these logos that come in the same size as the payment logos, so you can place all logos harmoniously with each other.

Card logos increases the conversion rate If you of course offer the right ones. Even though most Danes today have a Visa / Dankort then someone still has a Dankort. If you, as a minimum, want to ensure that the majority of buyers online can buy at your webshop, then the Dankort is quite important. As long as you as a minimum offer Visa and Mastercard, you are assured that most can pay at your webshop.

We have developed Webshops with transactions for over 50 million (Danish customers), and 95% of the cases have been paid with Dankort, Visa or Mastercard. But do not hold yourself to get more. If your webshop is available in several languages ​​then make sure you have most cards. Most payment gateways such as ePay, Quickpay and Clearhaus already offer packages where you get a lot of international cards at fair prices.

Card-logo.com is developed by Bulldesign. We develop webshops where checkout and conversion optimization is a big part of the process. A good checkout is crucial for a sales. If you feel your basket or check out lacks, contact Bulldesign and let us tailor an offer for an optimization. We measure the results on the old and the optimized checkout so you can see how much difference it made!

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